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The term Terroir in the wine world is a concept of a relationship between land, vine and the people. It is believed that the land on which the vineyards are grown gives unique qualities specific only to the respective region. It is not by chance that the best wines with their own character bear the name of the area from which they originate. The terroir is strictly outlined and when paired with the right variety, truly supreme wines are produced.

In the Black Sea region, the conditions of the local climate are one of the keys to the success of the white varieties. The large temperature amplitude - warm days and cold nights, the breeze caused by the short distance to the sea coast and the low altitude determine the prosperity of fresh and aromatic white and early ripening red varieties.

The "Sea and wine" project is mixed and concerns information related to the responsible consumption of wine and the risk related to the harmful consumption of alcohol as well as covering the European Union's PDO and PGI scheme regarding the specific quality, reputation or other characteristics of the wine due to its specific geographical environment or its origin.

The Black Sea region is distinguished by a wide variety of styles and quality of the wines produced with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) identifies a product:

(a) originating in a specific place, region or, in exceptional cases, a country;

b) the quality or characteristics of which are mainly or exclusively due to a specific geographical environment with inherent natural and human factors; and

c) whose production stages take place in the defined geographical area.

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) identifies a product:

(a) originating from a specific place, region or country;

b) the quality, reputation or other characteristics of which are primarily attributable to its geographical origin; and

c) in which at least one stage of the production process takes place in the defined geographical area.

The main difference between PDO and PGI is that, while with PDO all stages of production from extraction of raw materials to obtaining the final product take place in the defined geographical area, with PGI at least one of the stages of production or preparation of the product must take place in the defined geographical area.

The other goal of the project is awareness of responsible alcohol consumption. Alcohol has a place in European life and culture: in the celebration of personal and religious holidays. According to the Ministry of Health, we can talk about harmful use when a person drinks more and more often and at the same time more and more often postpones solving his daily tasks, so they gradually go into the background. The harmful use of alcohol is directly related to the stress of modern life, but its consumption does not solve, but deepens the problems. Many people cope with the situation by talking to relatives and friends, joining clubs, walking in nature, consulting a psychologist, etc., which is certainly healthier and leads to the real resolution of problems and tasks in everyday life.

An important factor to focus on is the education of the people and the acquisition of good wine culture.

Information on responsible alcohol consumption from the website of the Ministry of Health: